We create our pieces in the hope that they will be used through generations of little ones, being passed down, given as gifts and donated.

Our breathable cotton maintains its softness, durability and quality, even when it is washed and worn time and time again and will keep its shape and softness for many years.

Lummi isn’t just about making you look cool. It’s also about making you feel cool and confident that our clothing is the safest and healthiest choice for your baby. Our organic cotton used for Lummi Sleepwear is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

It means that all of our items contain pure organic fibres, and our dyes are free from harsh chemicals, bleaches and other irritant and pollutant materials. Organic cotton is one of the highest quality materials produced. While being strong, durable and soft for everyone’s skin, it is also environmentally-friendly.

Caring for our customers, it’s our responsibility to keep a sustainable supply chain. Organic cotton farming is a longer process than conventional cotton farming. This is so because conventional cotton relies on chemicals and intensive water usage and organic cotton relies on handpicked seeds with seasonal weather to properly harvest.

1. Harvesting

Cotton plants require days of harvesting. Farmers handpick the seeds and use Beneficial Insects, Crop Rotation, Compost, Cover Crops and weed by hand or machine in order to build soil quality. until it gets bulk transferred to the factory to begin the cotton ginning process.

2. Ginning

Cotton seeds get processed in machinery and turned into bundles of thread.

3. Fabric Finalisation

The bundles of thread form into long portions of fabric.

4. Stitching & Development

Patterns are made and sewn to create prototypes and final garments. Like jigsaw puzzles, an average garment consists of 6-8 pattern pieces.

5. Quality check

Piece by piece, the team ensures every element is carefully stitched together before it proceeds to the next step of stitching.

6. Garment produced

Freshly-made garments are ready to be gifted and worn by a newborn!