Events with Lummi

Mother's Day Morning Tea with Lummi

12 May, 2019

Celebrating Mother's Day at the gallery with free Morning Tea served all day. A place where Mums could come together, relax, stop by and enjoy some art as they stroll through the streets of Prahran!


'Follow the Tail' Art & Sleepwear Exhibition

8 - 19 May, 2019

Celebrating the launch of the Lummi baby sleepwear 2019 collection – made with certified organic cotton and lots of love. ‘Follow the Tail’ Art Exhibition introduced you to Lūmmi, a bunny who expresses human qualities and storytells in Black and White.

How many colors does it take to make great art? For Lu & Mon it’s every colour. If you mix together 3 of the most primary colors in the world: RGB Red Green Blue, you get black. This exhibition was not a colourless exhibition, it was a colourful exhibition. Therefore Lummi is made up of all the colours in the world.

Lummi is a medium to communicate, and tell stories in a world of monochromatic hues. “Follow the Tail” was a deep love affair with an expressively emotional, tranquil and total abstract palette. It is a love affair with the  ‘black and white’ lifestyle.

This contemporary monochromatic art feast was in the heart of the Melbourne suburb, Prahran and was open to the public for 2 weeks in May 2019. It was opportunity to see and feel the Lūmmi baby sleepwear 2019 collection.

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