Be Right Back

$59.95 $35.97
'Be right back' everyone, Lummi baby is 'off to bed'. Perfect for keeping cool during the warmer seasons. It is made from 100% Organic Cotton, making it soft, breathable and...

Nap Queen

$69.95 $41.97
This Lummi romper matches our ‘NAP KING’ design. Fun aesthetics with black polka dots. Babies love their naps and it is perhaps the only time mums can have a rest...


$89.95 $53.97
A fun full body growsuit, the Lummi alphabetic pattern is designed to capture the baby's first steps towards learning and observing. The garment features two-way zips (top and bottom) for ease of...

White Snug Socks

$12.95 $7.77
Pair up Lummi outfits with these pair of snug socks, ensuring the baby's feet is kept warm at all times. It is made from 100% Organic Cotton, making it soft,...

White Newborn Beanie

$18.95 $11.37
Complete the look and match Lummi outfits with the bunny beanie. Our beanies come in two variants: Black and White. Any newborn baby will feel warm at all times when...

Gift Ideas

'Newborn' Set

$119.00 $71.40
Celebrate a newborn's arrival into this world with this double combination gift set. Comes in a size 0-3 months only (000).  Box dimensions: 20x25x8cm Gift set contents: 1x Bodysuit or Romper 1x Bodysuit...

'Deluxe' Set

$119.00 $71.40
Be playful and mix and match 2 suits with a beanie and a pair of socks.  Box dimensions: 20x25x8cm Gift set contents: 1x Bodysuit or Romper 1x Bodysuit or Romper 1x...

'Stay Cosy' Set

$159.00 $95.40
The four-piece baby gift set features the upper range which includes a romper and a growsuit accompanied with a beanie and a pair of socks. Box dimensions: 20x25x8cm Gift set contents: 1x Bodysuit,...

'Walkie Walkie' Set

$189.00 $113.40
The next of our range sees the baby making its first few steps on its own two feet. Walkie Walkie is for these little walkers. Lummi is right behind them every step...

'Dreamy' Set

$199.00 $119.40
The five-piece baby gift set completes the baby's dream wardrobe with a choice of a bodysuit, romper, growsuit, a beanie and a pair of socks, all made of 100% organic cotton and ready to...

'Stay Cool, Stay Warm' Set

$220.00 $132.00
Customise your gift box to include any 3 pieces from our sleepwear range plus 2 beanies and 2 pairs of socks. Box dimensions: 30x20x8cm Gift set contents: 1x Bodysuit, Romper or Growsuit...

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© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2017-19 Digital art prints with frames (9 pieces) 13 x 13cm 'A calendar of events and pixels of what life is, was and always has...


© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2019 Digital art print with premium framing 84.1 x 59.3cm 'Another new day and there’s nothing quite like waking up to a bed of blooming...


© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2019 Digital art on canvas with floating frame 59.4 x 84.1cm 'It’s a cloudy day here.' Monochrome can also create a sense of 'Cosiness'. A cloud...

Hello World

© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2019 Digital art on canvas 118.9 x 84.1cm 'When two worlds collide, a better one is created. This is the world of Lummi the bunny,...


© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2019 Digital art on canvas with floating frame 52 x 52cm (4 pieces) 'Everywhere you go, take memories with you but leave your footprints behind.'...


© LU & MON PTY LTD, 2019 Framed digital prints 27.9 x 42cm Let Lummi and her friends describe today's, tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow's weather forecast. Perfect as a...
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It means a lot knowing that Lūmmi the bunny has a place in your home! We create our pieces in the hope that they will be used through generations of little ones, being passed down, given as gifts and donated.

With love, Serena & Monica xx

"Finding a gift for a newborn can be difficult, but thankfully Lummi has unisex options that are packaged beautifully and ready to gift!"
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"Cutest packaging and gift for my newborn!"
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